Something Blue


Bracelet in Torchon Lace Techniques

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Although it suggested that the lace could be the ‘Something Blue’ for a bride, the lace can be made in any colour. The hearts are for love and the spiders are for kisses. The lace is relatively simple using a ground of half stitch, pin, half stitch and twist. The single hearts are worked in cloth stitch and the 4 central hearts and spiders are half stitch. A pair of gimp threads are added to strengthen the edges in preparation to the finished lace being sewn to the bangle. Beads can be added to give a bit of ‘sparkle’ if required. When the lace is completed, sew it on a suitable bangle, using the edge pin-loops.

When it is time to clean the lace, just cut the stitching around the bangle to remove the lace. When it has been cleaned the lace can be restitched to the bangle, using the edge pin loops again, and worn once more.

The pattern uses 26 pairs of Aurifil 50, plus 1 pair edge gimp and 11 gimp pairs for the hearts. These gimps are Pearle 8.

See ‘Accessories/Miscellaneous’ for a suitable bangle frame.

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