Persian Garden


A Torchon Mat

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Persian Garden is the seventh in the Garden Collection of Torchon mats. It contains two different Rosegrounds, a variety of Spiders, Cloth Stitch Diamonds, Triangular Ground and Honeycomb Ground. Inspiration for the design came from my research into Persian carpets and architecture. The carpets often represent a garden. In Islamic architecture, decorative tiles are used to great effect on walls and floors. There are usually fountains and/or a pool somewhere in the courtyard garden, often surrounded by an octagon shaped border/wall. This is a design I have been thinking about for some years. The technical challenge of having vertical trails and a successful Octagon shape in Torchon lace, took some time to resolve. Please be aware that it is NOT for the beginner. The completed design is approximately 24 x 18cm (9.5 x 7 inches).

Requirements: 44 pairs of Aurifil Mako 50 plus 3 Gimp pairs of  Venus 70 or similar.

Aurifil thread can be found under the ‘Aurifil Mako Cotton’ tab in the ‘Threads and Wires’ section.

Venus 70 thread can be found under the ‘Venus Cotton’ tab in the ‘Threads and Wires’ section.

Additional information

Weight 40 g

Supplied with full explanatory instructions, colour coded thread diagram and a pre-printed pricking on light weight card


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