Wire Jewellery Collection No. 1


A collection of contemporary Jewellery designs in Wire Lace

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The first presentation in a collection of metallic lace jewellery designs, made using traditional lace techniques, but, with a fine wire in place of the more traditional thread approach. These pieces and the techniques needed to complete them have been designed and developed by Jan Gardiner. This collection contains 4 basic patterns which provide 3 Earrings, 5 Pendants and 2 Necklaces as well as a Brooch and Tiara design, making a total of 12 individual items of jewellery.

Requirements: All the designs may be made using fine copper wire (we recommend using 0.2mm {approx 32 awg} wire), either plated or enamelled, which can be found under the ‘Wire’ Tab.

To complete these designs we also have a range of jewellery finishings (in either gold or silver plating finish) which can be found under the ‘Findings’ tab in the ‘Accessories and Equipment’ section.

Suitable bobbins, designs specifically to withstand the rigours of using wire in lace, can be found under the ‘Tools’ tab in the ‘Accessories and Equipment’ section.

Additional information

Weight 200 g

Supplied with full explanatory instructions, colour coded thread diagram and a pre-printed pricking on light weight card


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