A Unicorn design in Braid Lace

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My Granddaughters, like many youngsters, are very keen on Unicorns and I was asked “Granny can we make a Unicorn in lace?”.  So I have designed a Unicorn in Braid Lace that should be able to be worked by them using suitably coloured metallic threads. It is worked mainly in Cloth Stitch, however, to keep the number of pairs used to a minimum, twists have been added to space apart the passives across the lace. The finished Unicorn fits onto an A4 page. The pattern comes with detailed Thread Guides to help the lacemaker succeed in making this mythical beasty.

Requirements: Up to 12 pairs of Aurifil Mako 50, in 4 colours, plus fine Gold and Silver metallic threads.

Aurifil thread can be found under the ‘Aurifil Mako Cotton’ tab in the ‘Threads and Wires’ section.

Additional information

Weight 40 g

Supplied with full explanatory instructions, colour coded thread diagram and a pre-printed pricking on light weight card


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