Sunset Chevron Fan


A costume fan design in Torchon lace

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Sunset Chevron Fan is a companion to Sunrise Chevron Fan. It is a relatively simple Torchon Fan design and uses different stitchery to the Sunrise Chevron Fan . It was inspired by the rich colours in the winter sunsets, all purple, lavender and orange. This design includes trails with added colour, 8 pointed and 12 pointed stars, as well as half and cloth stitch features. The colours are achieved by adding coloured workers where necessary. The fan measures approx. 34 cm by 9.5 cm wide.

Requirements: 34-36 pairs, depending on the number of extra pairs added to the fans, of Venus 70 cotton or similar.

Venus 70 thread can be found under the ‘Venus Cotton’ tab in the ‘Threads and Wires’ section and is available in a range of colours.

Fan sticks for this design can be found under the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab in the ‘Accessories and Equipment’ section (SKU 60-1003).


Additional information

Weight 40 g

Supplied with full explanatory instructions, colour coded thread diagram and a pre-printed pricking on light weight card


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