Enamelled Wire


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These are 0.2mm diameter soft copper wires (equivalent to 36 SWG), coated in enamel in a wide range of succulent colours which will not fade and are fine enough, whilst still sufficiently robust to be to be used, either solely using the wire or as an additional structural supporting thread, to enable complex three-dimensional lace to be made. They can also be used in flower arranging, as fly-tying wire and many other craft applications. They are available in either 10g reels (containing approximately 40 metres of wire) or in 35g reels (containing 125 metres of wire), some are available in both sizes although the smaller 10g sizes are slowly being phased out as more colours become available in the larger, better value, reel.

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Black, Blue, Dark, Blue, Supa, Blue, Supa Ice, Brown, Mid, Champange, Chartruese, Emerald, Supa, Gold, Light, Gold, Warm, Green, Leaf, Green, Vivid, Ivory, Pink, Supa Baby, Purple, Dark, Red, Red, Vivid, Turquoise, Violet, Bright, Violet, Supa, Wine


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