Arabian Nights


An interesting necklace design in Braid Lace

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A deceptively sophisticated original necklace design, inspired by the architecture of Persia and the stories of Scheherazade, designed by Jan Gardiner.

Requirements: Up to 18 pairs plus six Gimp pairs (made by winding six threads per bobbin) of suitably coloured metallic thread.

The necklace may be finished using 4 large beads fixed to the braiding (which will need to be plaited to a length to reach round the wearers neck) to enable the braids to be tied. Alternatively, you may prefer to use our Necklace Finding Kit B (SKU 14-0630/31), which can be found under the ‘Kits’ tab in the ‘Accessories and Equipment’ section.

Additional information

Weight 30 g

Supplied with full explanatory instructions, colour coded thread diagram and a pre-printed pricking on light weight card


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